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Native Tibetan originated from Chamdo, Tibet Autonomous Region, China, Tsultrim Norbu has always had a fond passion in Thangka arts since young.


Officially began his Thangka journey in 2000 through painting Thangka in Tibetan Buddhism temples, he then became apprentice of Miansa Thangka master Qu Xiong Ze Ren in 2005. In 2010, he mastered the craftsmanship of cloisonné filigree and thus developed his unique cloisonné filigree Thangka art style over the past ten years.


Norbu has taught traditional Thangka and cloisonné filigree Thangka to over 200 students at local schools in Yushu in 2010-2014.  He opened his own Cloisonné Filigree Thangka studio in 2019, running his apprentice programme and Cloisonné Filigree Thangka art creation.

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