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The Retreat

Our atelier offers a unique space for artists and art lovers to come together and explore the intricate art of Cloisonne Thangka. With our month-long Cloisonne Thangka Retreat Course, you can learn the art of Cloisonne Thangka from scratch and create your own masterpiece. Master Tsultrim Norbu and his team will guide you through the process, from understanding the symbolism behind Thangka to mastering the techniques of this unique art form, including filigree wiring, enamel painting and thankga colouring. Join us on this artistic and meditative journey, immerse yourself in the beauty of Tibetan Thangka arts and find inner peace along the way.

Who can join?

This course is suitable for everyone, from beginners (even without any painting experience) to advanced artists or non-artist learners.

New students:

You will first learn the basic techniques of cloisonne arts with creating the Conch and/or Buddha Hand Holding a Lotus and/or Om Mani Padme Hum artworks. Then you can choose one of the following to create your Buddha Cloisonne Thangka: Shakyamuni Buddha / Medicine Buddha / Amitabha / Akshobhya, following the sketch by Master Tsultrim Norbu.

Students who have taken a regular course with our Hong Kong partner:

You can choose one of the following to create your Buddha Cloisonne Thangka: Shakyamuni Buddha / Medicine Buddha / Amitabha / Akshobhya, following the sketch by Master Tsultrim Norbu.

Master Tsultrim Norbu and his team will guide and assist you throughout the creation process. You may expect up to 70% to be made by yourself, and the rest will be modified or touched up by the Master and his team, to ensure the completed Cloisonne Thangka will comply by Tibetan Buddhism thangka traditions and rules.


The retreat is hosted at our Cloisonne Thangka Atelier in Yushu City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China. The atelier was officially founded by Master Tsultrim Norbu in 2018, with an aim to nurture next generation Cloisonne Thangka artists and promote Tibetan arts. With an elevation of around 3,700 metres (12,100 ft), Yushu has an alpine subarctic climate, with long, cold, very dry winters, and short, rainy, and mild summers.


This is an intensive course where you will focus your mind and soul in the world of Cloisonne Thangka arts. We will be spending six days per week at the atelier learning and creating Cloisonne Thangka, and one day-off per week to local cultural excursions, including visits to Tibetan Buddhism monasteries (possible to observe monks chanting and sutra debating), pilgrimage circumambulations, maryni stone cluster, etc.

Daily schedule

7:00am Wake up, breakfast, take a walk by the river to arrive at our atelier

8:00am Start the day with a short meditation, recitation of prayer and mantras

8:30am Cloisonne Thangka session

12:30pm Tibetan home made lunch

1:30pm Cloisonne Thangka session

5:30pm Tibetan home made afternoon tea

6:00pm Cloisonne Thangka session

8:00pm Tibetan home made dinner

9:00pm Rest


Duration: 3-4 weeks (4 weeks for beginners, 3 weeks for experienced learners)

Months: January-April, October-December

Seats: Minimum 1, Maximum 10

Language: Mandarin, English

Costs: RMB22,000 (approx USD$3,100) per person

Cost includes:

All art supplies and materials

Instructor fees

Wi-fi Facilities

24/7 Oxygen supply

Three Tibetan home made meals per day

Completion of a Cloisonne Thangka of your choice  with size 34cm(W) x 40cm(H)

Cost does NOT include:

Flight tickets (or other modes of transportation to and from Yushu)

Local hotel stay / accommodation (approx. RMB200-300 per night)

VISA application fee (China VISA is required to enter Yushu)

Cloisonne Thangka Options

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Tsultrim Norbu Cloisonne Thangka Arts Atelier

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