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Tsultrim Norbu Cloisonne Thangka Exhibition 

10-16 March, 2023

55 Genting Lane, 349563 Singapore

Our Sovereignty. Authentic Freedom. Genuine Happiness.

ISHVARA is a composite word meaning "owner of the best, beautiful", "ruler of choices, blessings, boons". In short, it implies sublime sovereignty, self-mastery, and self-presence.

In our very busy world today, we rush ahead with breakneck speed, often leaving our body behind desperately trying to catch up, tension simmers inside until we’re about to explode. We yearn for a momentary respite, if, even for a second we could be sovereign, relax and be at ease. From the misty ethers of pre-digitalisation and AI reality, a timeless, wise and magnanimous energy reaches across the ethers to connect with us. Just as we yearn for it, it is also trying to reach us, the ISHVARA. It is not gained from anything outside, but has always been intrinsic in our own bright human nature.

Thangka Master Tsultrim Norbu has spent his entire life pursuing, studying and living, through deep personal experience, this very ISHVARA. The refined cloisonné thangkas depicting Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Dharma Protectors, Wealth deities, etc, all cull from a realm of the subliminal and transcendental, and embody the very sublime self-mastery that we aspire to. By viewing the thangkas up close, meditating on them, or acquiring a thangka to enhance your own home or office, you can align with the powerful celestial energies brought through this regal artform, and start to experience sublime self-mastery in various aspects of your life: your profession, your karma, your finances, education, health, relationships, business….and your destiny, as recommended and promised in the ancient sutras. 

Experience these thangkas up close. Absorb the richness of colours, sparkling artisanal technique, religious symbolism and spiritual meaning. You may even find a thangka of your choice, and trust that the Bodhisattva or deity that you’re drawn to is also being drawn to you.

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